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Womens Triathlon Clothing

Womens triathlon clothing is not entirely different from the triathlon clothing for men, but there are subtle differences in the design that can make a big difference in comfort while racing. Also, there are some specific items designed just for women that may appeal to you.

Triathlon Clothing for Women

Many of the considerations for womens triathlon clothing are also factors for both genders. These can include fit, performance, and speed in transitions. Other factors also include style and affordability. The basic rule of thumb for triathlon clothing is that you have clothing that provides a snug fit. Clothing that is loose will have gaps where water can enter and slow you down in the swimming portion of competitions. Too loose clothing can also build a wind drag when biking or running, creating a resistance that also slows you down. On the other hand, if the clothing is too tight it can impede free movement or cause chafing that can be uncomfortable and distracting while racing.

Performance versus Value


As in many sports equipment costs can add up. The same is true for triathlon gear, especially for the beginner. Quality does not have to equal the most expensive, although much of the highest performing womens triathlon clothing can be costly.

One way to control costs a bit when it comes to your triathlon clothing is to wear a multi-event suit, or tri-suit. Most triathlon suits are one-piece units that cover the upper and lower portion of the body. Triathlon suits are made with innovative and scientifically-designed fabric that makes it ideal to wear for all triathlon events, wet or dry.

Not all racers advocate year round use of these one-piece triathlon suits, though. Some experienced competitors feel that two-piece suits are the better option for competitions that take place in the summer months because they allow the body to breath.

Factors for Transitions

There is much debate in the triathlon community regarding the use of wetsuits and triathlon suits. Many triathletes feel triathlon suits are best because they eliminate the need to remove the wetsuit, thus saving valuable time.

Other competitors feel that wetsuits provide the biggest advantage during events held in cooler months or in cold climates. During the swimming portion of events, wetsuits tend to keep racers warmer due to their natural insulating capabilities.


Women competitors have several specialty clothing items they can use in triathlons. One of these womens triathlon clothing items is the brakini. The brakini is a hybrid of a bra and a bikini top. Designed to provide maximum support while being flattering to wear, the brakini allows full range of movement with straps that are not binding.

Socks and gloves aren't exclusive to women as they can benefit any competitor. Socks can be helpful to protect runners from blistering and are also good for rough terrain in transitions when moving from swimming to land-based portions of the events. Gloves can be a good item as they can protect the bike rider if nasty spills occurs or also to provide extra gripping capability on hot and sweaty days.

Style Points

While style isn't exclusive to female competitors, you can find a vast array of design patterns for your triathlon clothes. You can buy womens triathlon clothing right off the rack with colorful and stylish designs, or you can work with custom designers of racing and triathlon clothes to get the look and feel you want.

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