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Wetsuit Rental

When would you consider a wetsuit rental? When you are new to triathlons and are need a wetsuit for the swimming event, you might want to try renting a wetsuit first. Having decided to rent, a few things you need to know include quality and price.

Price of a Wetsuit Rental

Keep in mind that low pricing typically means the wetsuit has been rented several times. The price per weekend goes down based on how often the suit is rented out. Pricing generally runs from $30 to $100 per weekend, depending on area, style, age of the wetsuit and availability.

Ask Questions

When you go to a rental store, ask questions. Not just about price, either. Ask about style and recommendations for the upcoming event. Store personnel will usually provide you with excellent recommendations and be more than willing to answer your question. After all, they are professionals and want your repeat business and customer referrals.

Inspect the Wetsuit


Don't be overly concerned about nicks, scuffs, or minor surface tears. A used triathlon wetsuit with slight imperfections will help you get a lower rental price. These flaws rarely have much impact on performance of the wetsuit. However, if there is a tear completely through the fabric, or the area of the flaw or spot bothers you, make mention of this to the clerk and perhaps they will have another suit for rent.

Finding a Rental Store

Performing a simple online search for wetsuit rental with a comma and the city and state will land you a great selection of rental shops in your area. You might want to check the reviews for both positive and negative customer feedback. The business is very competitive and shop owners will often work wonders to satisfy you, especially during slow times of the year. Rental shops like to plan their inventory and prefer a 2 to 3 week lead-time on rentals. This helps them make the rentals more affordable without relying on new inventory to fill all the rental needs.

Try Before You Buy

After renting the style of wetsuit you like and having tried it out for a weekend, you might want to offer to purchase the suit if it is in good condition. Usually the rental storeowner and sales clerks will be eager to move the product, especially if it has seen a bit of use. This allows them to replenish their inventory with fresher, higher income-producing stock, making it a win/win for both parties. You get a good deal and the owner gets a new opportunity.

Rent to Own

While it's not really a rent-to-own option, if you are close to purchasing but can't quite decide, or just can't afford the full price, ask if the rental price will apply towards the purchase. This might help you lower the ultimate cost of your wetsuit purchase.

When you are ready to make that first step in a wetsuit rental, dive in head first and go for it. The rental could be the beginning of an exciting athletic adventure and challenging competitions. Remember, the rental shops are professionals and won't steer you wrong.

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