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Used Triathlon Bikes

Used triathlon bikes are often the cheapest option for those considering participating in a triathlon. Buying a bike used can have several advantages. You can often pick up used bikes for up to 50% off the original price, and are usually in very good condition with no serious problems, much like used cars. Another positive is the information provided by the person from whom you are buying the bike. They will usually assist you when deciding what bike is best for you, and they can provide you additional insight from an experienced triathlete.

Where to Purchase


You can find used triathlon bikes either online or at bike stores that sell used bikes. If you are a first time customer, you should probably start at a store in order to find a style of bike that you like. Try several different makes and models. Then when you find one you like, if you wish, move on to looking online for the best deal. It is important to have a budget when purchasing a bike as they can cost thousands of dollars. It is also very important to look into the underlying costs of a used bike. While the original price of the bike may be much cheaper than a new bike, the costs of fitting a bike could cause it to be a bad deal.

Differences in Bikes

The differences between a triathlon bike and a normal bike are in the details. Mountain bikes and BMX bikes are built for durability, whereas a triathlon bike is built for performance. Triathlon bikes are designed to go faster which means being lighter and more aerodynamic. For instance, the handlebars of a triathlon bike are usually flat where as a typical bike's handlebars are round. The metal used in a triathlon bike is much lighter than other bicycles, and the wheels either have fewer spokes or have carbon fiber discs instead of spoke wheels.


There are also disadvantages to buying a used triathlon bike. Triathlon bikes are designed with wear items; parts of the bike that break down with extended use. Buying a used bike puts you in danger of having to replace these parts sooner than you would with a new triathlon bicycle. Replacement of all wear items will cost roughly $300-$400.

Another disadvantage to buying used is that a triathlon bike is custom fit to the rider, and buying a used bike means riding a bicycle not fitted to you and you miss the opportunity to have a custom fit bike.

You also lose the warranty and maintenance included when you purchase a new bike. Most new bikes come with maintenance included for the first year. It includes all adjustments made to fitting and replacement of any of the wear items.

Used triathlon bikes are significantly cheaper than new bikes and they are a great way for new triathletes to get involved with the sport without spending thousands of dollars. Additionally, purchasing a used bike also helps make connections within the sport. These connections can be useful when you need help training for a race or help maintaining your bike. Shoppers must be aware of the underlying costs associated with maintenance of wear items and fitting of the bike though. Finally, a smart shopper who isn't picky about custom-fitting a bike can get a great deal when buying a triathlon bike used.

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