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Triathlon Training Tips

Triathlon training tips can help you streamline your quest to become the champion athlete you are long to be. Bear in mind that nothing substitutes for good old-fashioned endurance training, but here are a few ideas to get you started on your winning strategies to maximise your potential in triathlon competition.

Break up your triathlon training into the three parts of the event, swimming, cycling, and running. Work on each event in an organized manner, without too much emphasis on one over the other. It is important to develop the muscles and endurance equally among the different skills so that they build upon one another.



Swimming requires the least amount of equipment, but can be the most tiring while building endurance. Begin your training with short 20-minute sessions and gradually build up your times to 60 minutes over a four-week period. Don't forget to allow yourself a recovery period to stabilize and prepare for the next level.

Another good tip is to work out in the type of wetsuit that you will be wearing in the race. Talk with your wetsuit specialist about the best brand for your needs. You will compete how you practice so do not make your first day of competition your first day using a wetsuit. That's an important aspect of your triathlon training tips.


Depending on the style of bike you choose, this could be the biggest investment you have in your triathlon equipment. The actual physical exertion in cycling is not as great as is required for swimming, but try cycling uphill for a while and you may begin to question that statement.

  • Uphill cycling efforts can quickly tire you, so there should be several hills in your training program. Pick a somewhat hilly area for training and reverse your course to avoid monotony.

  • Always wear the most comfortable shoes with lightweight construction and carbon-like soles to get maximum transfer of power from the legs to the pedals.

  • During training, intentionally shift into higher gears to increase resistance training and to increase muscle strength.

Not trying to do too much at any one time is one of the best rules for triathlon training tips


The running event requires a comfortable pair of shoes, as this is likely the longest phase of the event in which you will participate.

  • Always train with lots of uphill courses, but allow some level and downhill runs to avoid discouragement.

  • Remember to gradually increase any new training exercise and escalate just enough to stretch your current level of performance.

Increasing the times, or distances of practice too quickly could risk damage which will require more recovery time and slow down your progress.

Triathlon training tips can be broken down into a simple set of concepts. Don't try to do much at one time, pace yourself with consistency, and gradually increase the introduction of new training techniques.

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