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Triathlon Training Log

A triathlon training log is the most important piece of equipment in your triathlon gear. This log will not only track your training progress, but will also help you schedule your training workouts. When training for a triathlon it's not just about training for the events. While, swimming, running and cycling are the event components of a triathlon, without proper nutrition, rest, strength training and stretching your body will have a difficult time withstanding the rigors of your training program.

It's More Than Running

Many people who decide to train for triathlons are already runners. They are used to running multiple days a week, and tracking their distances and times. While you will still run, in triathlon training, you may, or may not be adding more training sessions, and also may be replacing running sessions with swimming and cycling.


In some programs, you will need to do two activities on the same day, and a training log will help you keep track of your schedule. Additionally, as with any training program, your body also needs to rest, and a triathlon training log will also help schedule rest days.

Log Form

A triathlon training log may be as simple as a notebook or pocket calendar that gives you enough space to schedule your planned sessions and then record what you accomplished. If you are computer savvy, you may want to download one of the workout logs from www.microsoft.com in their template area. These typically come in Excel format, and can be customized for triathlon activities. There are also nutrition logs available from the same Microsoft website.

Triathlon Website Training

Many of the triathlon websites offer the use of training logs with registration. Some of triathlon training websites are free to use while others will charge a fee. As with any website, be careful and cautious of the personal, financial and scheduling information you share online.

Website Training Logs

In one of the triathlon websites, the training log remains on their website and can be marked as private or public. You have to register, and utilize their web page to track all your workouts, but can decide if you want your workouts posted for all registered users to see, or kept for your own viewing. Some of the sites, once you register, allow you to download their training log to your computer.

Cell Phone Triathlon Training

Many of the newer cell phones have applications that can be downloaded as work out logs. On the iPhone, there are applications which use the phone GPS to track your route, a pedometer application, and several workout applications. These can be utilized as part of your training log, or as the log itself. Droid is presently announcing the Droid Fit application, which is another phone application that you can utilize to log your triathlon training.

Remember, strength training, stretching, nutrition, and rest should all be a part of your triathlon training. A triathlon training log should contain all these elements, or you should have multiple logs for the various components of your triathlon training.

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