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Triathlon Swimsuits

In recent years, triathlon swimsuits have become vital to the success of event competition due in large part to science. Triathlon swimmers are now able to move through the water faster than ever thanks to technological advancement in both swimsuit design and material. As a result, competitive times in triathlon events have improved steadily over the years with much quicker swim times.


In the past, triathlon swimsuits were more about fashion and protection than about speed. Some were thermal, designed to keep the swimmer's body warm. Unfortunately, while those features were nice, they did not help you swim faster.

Recent Advancements


During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Speedo introduced the LZR Racer Swimsuit that actually helped athletes move through the water much faster than before. Thanks to the professional swimmers wearing the LZR Racer, 23 world records were broken that year at the Olympics.

That proved that having the latest technological advances in the swimsuit does shave seconds from the swimmer's time. Whether swimming in the Olympics or a local triathlon, if you want to win, it's imperative to take advantage of such hi-tech design advancements.

The Trend Spreads

Since the Olympics and the success of the Speedo swimsuit, other companies have introduced their own designs, made of materials similar to the LZR Racer. Currently, there is a wide assortment of brands for you to choose from if you do not want to buy a Speedo.

Competitive Swimwear Goes Hi-Tech

How is it possible that a swimsuit makes you swim faster? The answer lies in the elastane nylon and polyurethane materials that help you stay in a more hydrodynamic position while swimming. Being in a great hydrodynamic position during the swim reduces the drag in the water, allowing you to move through the water much faster than before.

Avoids Drag

Even the slightest drag can really fatigue your arms and legs when swimming for a long time in bigger triathlon events such as the Ironman. However, those wearing triathlon swimsuits find that the water is repelled off the suit very easily and giving the impression of gliding through the water, instead of dragging.

Fit is Important

The key to success with triathlon swimsuits is fit. Your suit should not be too tight, but fit snugly and give you the ability to move your body freely without binding or impending movement in any way. So do some comparison-shopping before investing in such an important piece of triathlon equipment.

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