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Triathlon Cycling Shoes

Be careful and precise when choosing your triathlon cycling shoes. Since about one third of your life is spent wearing shoes, you should buy shoes for comfort and longevity. In the case of triathlon shoes used for riding bicycles, much the same might be said. However, you must calculate the additional factor of athletic performance when choosing the best pair.

Real World Shopping

The best place to start looking for your new bicycling shoes is in the real world. People love to find bargains on the internet, but you are often taking a chance shopping for cycling shoes online, if you're not familiar with the specific shoe. The most logical choice to begin with is a local bike shop or sporting goods dealer to ensure a proper fit. While shoe stores in big shopping malls are easy to find, you might want to visit a standalone shop where you are likely to get more personalized service


Sole and Energy

The kind of triathlon cycling shoes you should be looking for will be lightweight with a rigid sole made from carbon or similar composite materials. This type of sole is best because it maximizes your cycling power by transferring energy effectively from your legs to the pedals. When participating in a triathlon, the conservation of energy is an important aspect of remaining competitive throughout the event.

Shoes for Transition

Timing is another critical factor when moving from the cycling to running phase. Avoid shoes with multiple straps or a ratchet system. The styles with large Velcro fasteners are easier to grasp and assist with a quick transition from your cycling shoes to your running gear. Consider shoes with a seamless interior designed to accommodate your bare feet comfortably. Again, transition time is critical in a triathlon so you may want to avoid putting on socks after your swim phase.

Specific Points for Cycling Shoes

  • Select triathlon cycling shoes equipped with breathable uppers to allow water and sweat to evaporate.

  • Your ride will considerably more comfortable, especially if you're not wearing socks

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  • Be certain to select a cleat-compatible shoe to use with the clipless pedal system on your bike

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  • Shoes with a heel strap or grab loop you can grip to remove quickly help to improve transition time.

  • For night riding, consider a shoe with reflective properties. Taking measures to increase your visibility is a key element of bike safety.

If you find a shoe that is comfortable in every way but does not have a built in system compatible with your pedal system, check to see whether there is an adapter that you can use.

Shoe Size

Do not rely on standard sizing between manufacturers for a good fit. Due to the discrepancy in each individual's foot and slight variances in shoe-sizing charts, please be aware that the size you wear in a running shoe may not be the same as the size you wear in a cycling shoe.

Finally, decide on the amount you hope to spend before shopping online for triathlon cycling shoes. Know the exact brand, style, and stock number of the shoe you have found to be the perfect fit. This way you know you are obtaining the best price on the perfect shoe.

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