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Triathlon Clothing

Triathlon clothing most likely will not make the difference between winning and losing a triathlon, but they can make a world of difference when it comes to your comfort. Additionally, the right clothing can also shave time off the clock during races. There are number of different clothing items for men and women triathletes to consider as they prepare to compete in a triathlon event.

Triathlon Suits


Triathlon suits are not a lot of different than wetsuits used for the swimming portion of the competitions, but there are subtle differences. Triathlon suits are designed of specially made fabrics that offer optimal cooling while giving the runner an aerodynamic form. This aerodynamic design can lower the drag on a runner by up to 15%. Some of the more advanced suits offer both UV and anti-microbial protection. Most designers have adopted the practice of putting pockets on their suits to allow racers to store edible items for the time when racers need an extra boost when their energy resources are running low.

Triathlon Shorts

Popular pieces of triathlon clothes, for events held in the hot summer months, are triathlon shorts. These shorts are specifically made for competing in triathlons. They are designed with fabric that wicks away moisture and also dry quickly. Some are even designed with UV protection.

Make sure you purchase triathlon shorts with a snug fit, and buying shorts with padding is also a good idea to act as a cushion during the long bike rides of triathlons.

Triathlon Swimming Apparel

Wetsuits suits are considered essential triathlon clothes by nearly every experienced triathlete. Wetsuits and triathlon suits are designed to decrease drag and increase buoyancy in the swimming portion of the triathlon. These design elements can help racers get faster times.

These suits are also designed so that they keep swimmers warm when racing in cooler conditions. Wetsuits allow water to enter the suit where the body warms the water creating a warm layer of natural insulation.

Specialty Clothing Items

Long triathlons can become grueling ordeals on hot summer days for participants. Some inventive clothing designers have produced arm coolers to help combat the heat of summer days. These arm coolers are made of a special fabric to keep the racer's arms cool. They are designed of fabric ,which reflects thermal radiation and helps control moisture and sweating.

One specialty clothing item that is best suited for female competitors is the brakini. This item is a cross between a bra and a bikini top. It is designed with maximum support while also offering flattering lines for the female racer. The straps on these items are designed to allow for a free range of movement while competing.

Swim caps are another item that most competitors wear. These are usually provided by race organizers, but you may want your own for training purposes. These swim caps are usually made of latex, silicone, or lycra.

Transition Clothing Tips for Triathletes

Transitions in triathlons can be places where competitors lose crucial time. Making the decision to go with multi-purpose triathlon clothes can help triathletes avoid losing valuable time in transitions. Triathlon suits can be used across all the separate portions of the competition and eliminate lost time by avoiding changing from one clothing item to another.

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