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Triathlon Clothes

Triathlon clothes come in many different shapes and styles for triathletes, who use different types of clothing for different portions of triathlon events. In fact, most of these clothes are specially designed to give competitors just the edge they need to win.

Triathlon Suits

Triathlon suits, or tri-suits, have features that provide different benefits to the wearer during the course of the competition. Designed with scientifically created fabric that can wick away moisture from the body, tri-suits keep the wearer cool and dry when they are biking and running.

Tri-suits vs. Wetsuits


There is some debate in the triathlon community between competitors about the benefit of triathlon suits versus wetsuits while swimming. Some triathletes prefer to use wetsuits during the swimming portion of triathlons because of their intended benefits including their insulating properties, and increased bouyancy, but many triathletes feel that the time lost between transitions with a clothing change is too critical and eschew the use of wetsuits for the use of triathlon suits exclusively.

Compression Clothing

A recent invention in the area of triathlon clothing is the production and use of compression clothing in triathlon training and competition. Used in Europe for years, they are making the transition to the United States. Designed to compress the muscles of a triathlete while training, compression clothing with this compression technique place pressure on specific muscle groups and decreases soreness and recovery time. Compression clothing is more than just compression suits, there are other pieces including compression shorts and compression socks.

Triathlon Biking Clothes

Triathlon clothes for biking usually does not remarkably differ from other clothing used in triathlons, but usually offers additional padding for the bottom during the long and grueling rides of triathlons. This padding provides additional comfort for riders and makes the time on the bicycle more bearable.

Men's and Women's Clothing

Triathlon clothes don't vary greatly in purpose for men and women, although most women's clothing is designed and styled to fit women's contours, while providing additional padding


There are some specialty items designed for women. One specific item for women is the brakini, a hybrid between a bra and a bikini. It is usually made of the same material used in tri-suits and offers the additional support that women need while allowing for a wide range of movement.

Triathlon Running Wear

While competing in the running portion of a triathlon, an emphasis is placed on reducing friction and staying cool. Friction can cause unnecessary chafing and be a source of blisters if clothing is ill fitting. Staying cool and dry while running is critical during the heat of the day, as becoming overheated can lead to dehydration and is of great concern for athletes. Some competitors like to use different clothing combinations while running. This can include running shorts and shirts specifically designed to keep the runner dry and cool. During the very warm months, some men may prefer to wear tank-style shirts.

Innovation in the area of triathlon clothes continues. Several years ago, triathlon suits were the biggest breakthrough and they continue to be the primary item worn by triathletes because of the versatility and timesavings they provide in transitions. Compression clothing is now taking competition by storm. Triathletes need to consider their specific needs when they choose the clothing that best fits their needs and racing style.

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