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Triathlon Bikes for Sale

It can be expensive to buy a new triathlon bike, so you might want to look around for triathlon bikes for sale. However, there are a number of avenues for locating triathlon bikes. You just need to do a few things first.

Local Bike Shop

The most obvious place to look for triathlon bikes for sale is your local bike shop. Next time you are in the area drop in and see if there is a sale on - you may get lucky. However, if you aren't, then many of the more established bike shops have a mailing list for which you can sign up. Then the shop will contact you to announce upcoming events and promotions, including sales.


With smaller stores, you might have to pop in to see what's on sale, but for the larger stores and chains, you can usually look online. Once you receive the sales flier then you will know ahead of time about any upcoming sales. This will give you time to make arrangements to buy that great new triathlon bike.

Buy Used

If any of those shops offer part-exchange deals on the purchase of a new bike, then you might be able to pick up one of the pre-owned bikes that are usually very cheap. Sometimes a shop will want to clear some space and might put these pre-owned bikes on sale to try and clear them out. During one of these events, you can pick up a perfectly good bike at a fraction of what it would cost new.

Shop Online

When you're looking for triathlon bikes for sale, another source may be sitting on your desk or lap. You can choose the perfect model for you at your local bike shop and then search online and see if you can find it cheaper. You might be able to find the exact same model delivered for less than it would cost at your local shop. This is especially true if it is a long way to the nearest dealer.

Buy at Online Auctions

Numerous online venues allow people to list items to sell. Check eBay and other auction sites are often excellent places to find just that bike you want. Another advantage of online auctions is that you can often win the bid for much less than you would have to pay at your local bike shop.


Another local, but online source is Craigslist, where people in your local area will list items they have for sale. One of the advantages of buying from Craigslist is that you can go look at the item before you decide to buy it. However, follow common sense rules for safety.

Local Clubs

If there is a local triathlon group or club in your area, check with them. Someone may be selling a used bike. There's also sure to be someone in the club willing to advise you on where you can find a good bike for sale.

Buying a new triathlon bike is an expensive business, but by being frugal and looking for triathlon bikes for sale, you can save yourself some money on your purchase.

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