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Triathlon Bike Shoes

You can ride a bike using almost any shoes, but special triathlon bike shoes may be a good idea if you are planning to participate in a triathlon. Why Shoes for Triathlon Biking

Designed specifically for cycling, these shoes are and will be much more comfortable and efficient when you are riding long distances. If you are just starting out, you probably do not need special bike shoes and pedals, but as you start to ride longer distances, you will notice that bike shoes can significantly increase your efficiency while bicycling.

Major Difference


A major difference between regular running shoes and triathlon bike shoes is that the bike shoes will have a much stiffer sole than the running shoes. The stiffer soles will help increase the efficiency of energy transfer when you are pedaling. The stiffness will also help protect and support your feet, which can reduce fatigue and lead to a lower likelihood of muscle cramps. The top portion of the shoe provides extra foot support, which is also stiffer than a standard running shoe.

Bike Pedals and Shoes

If you are planning to buy triathlon bike shoes, you will also need to make sure that you have bike pedals that are compatible with the shoes. Bike shoes have cleats on the bottom that clip into the pedals so that your feet do not move around too much. Called a clipless shoe-pedal combination, it will help keep your feet securely in place on the pedals so that you do not slip. These shoes allow you to push down and pull up while riding, which helps to conserve your pedaling energy and makes pedaling more efficient. Very helpful in a long race.

Designed for Speed

Designed specially for cycling, triathlon shoes help you ride faster.

  • They are narrow and designed to keep the foot in place

  • They are also lightweight and aerodynamic

  • They have very stiff soles, usually made from carbon or another similarly stiff material and the cleats are exposed. The only downside is that these cleats usually make it difficult to walk.

  • One helpful feature of shoes specifically designed for triathlon biking is the inner lining, which means that you can wear the shoes without socks and then taken off for a quicker transition between biking and running.

  • Triathlon biking shoes usually have heel loops to facilitate a faster transition between biking and running.

Fit is Important

When looking for triathlon cycling shoes, it is essential that they fit well. Bike shoes should be immediately comfortable when you try them on, and should be snug but not uncomfortably tight. Since the soles are stiffer than normal shoes, you cannot break them in and they will not get more comfortable over time.

Your bike shoes should have enough room for your toes to wiggle a little bit. The heel of the shoe should also fit well and your heel should not slide up and down at all. The arch of your foot should be well supported and the fit should be snug in that area.

So while you can ride a bike wearing any type of shoe, for competition purposes, special triathlon bike shoes are a must.

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