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Triathlon Bicycle

No matter what the distance of the event it, the triathlon bicycle race is the longest in distance of the three triathlon events. Whether you are looking at a sprint distance triathlon with 20km on the bike, or an ironman with 180km in the saddle, you need to be sure that your bike is up to the task.

Why a Dedicated Triathlon Bike


While you may get away with your normal road bike for a shorter length triathlon, or even a one-off attempt at the longer distance, once you start racing over a longer distance or more competitively, you will really appreciate using a dedicated triathlon bike. On a dedicated bike, the seat and handlebars are positioned so that your body position changes, making it more comfortable to use aero bars for longer and you work your quadriceps more than on a standard bike, leaving your hamstrings are more rested for the final run.

Shopping for a Triathlon Bicycle

The most important decision when buying a bike is whether to choose a triathlon bicycle or stick with a road bike. If all you're going to do is the occasional triathlon and general riding, then you may be better with a standard road bicycle. If you are more serious, then you might consider the more aerodynamic bikes designed specifically for triathlon.

The triathlon focussed design is more comfortable to ride than a road bike, even with aero bars fitted. You also need to decide whether the bike is going to be saved just for races or if it will be used for regular training runs, or even the daily commute.

Bicycle Metal

Once you have decided what kind of bike you want, and how much you are willing to spend - and some bikes can cost more than an average car - you need to consider what material makes up the frame. Steel is the cheapest, but heaviest and stiffest, while aluminum is in the middle. Titanium is the most lightweight metal, but also the most expensive; a titanium bike can cost upwards of $5,000.


If you purchase your bike from a specialist dealer, then get it custom fitted for your body shape in the shop and have a test ride to make sure you are comfortable. Customizing the bike means that it would be more comfortable to ride and you will be able to achieve faster speeds for longer.

Once you've purchased the perfect bike for you, don't forget the extras that you will need as well. A helmet is essential to protect your head if you crash and for the higher-end performers it will improve aerodynamics and allow you to go faster. Properly designed bicycle shorts with padding will make riding for long periods more comfortable and biking shoes are needed for the pedals on top-end bikes.

A triathlon bicycle is an expensive purchase, and one that needs some careful consideration. A top of the range titanium bike can cost $5,000, but can make training more comfortable and improve your race times. For the top-end performers, they are an essential purchase, but someone who is just taking up triathlon can probably make do with a significantly cheaper road bike.

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