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Trek Triathlon

Trek Triathlon bikes, from Trek, one of the biggest manufactures of bicycles in the world, comes in a number of designs. Designed specifically for the triathlon market, Trek bikes include the Speed Concept 2, Speed Concept 7 and Speed Concept 9 series. With a range of features designed to allow you to ride the bike leg as fast and efficiently as possible, these bikes aim to improve your triathlon experience.

The Trek Company

Making bicycles since 1976 from their base in Waterloo, Wisconsin, Trek actively supports the road racing and triathlon community. This includes working with a number of professional cycling teams and sponsoring a women's triathlon series.

Features and Technologies

The Speed Concept series of Trek Triathlon bicycles uses a number of features to improve aerodynamics and make for an easier ride. These include:

  • Hidden Cables
  • Invisible Brakes
  • Internal Electronics
  • Kammtail Virtual Foil (KVF) frame
  • Virtual Airfoil

Not all these features are available on all models.

Speed Concept 2 Series


The Speed Concept 2 Series of Trek Triathlon bicycle comprises two variations; the Speed Concept 2.5 and the Speed Concept 2.5 WSD (designed for women). Trek claims these bikes are the fastest aluminium framed triathlon bicycle and targets them towards the value-conscious triathlete. The KVF frame is designed to be aerodynamically stable and comes in a range of three sizes.

Speed Concept 7 Series

The Speed Concept 7 series is designed to offer an improved aerodynamic performance and comes in four models, all featuring a Trek Carbon Technology (TCT) carbon frame that reduces the weight of the bike. The four models in the series are:

  • Speed Concept 7.0
  • Speed Concept 7.0 WSD (for women)
  • Speed Concept 7.2
  • Speed Concept 7.5

The main difference between them is the specification of the features, with the Speed Concept 7.5 having the highest specification.

Speed Concept 9 Series

The top-of-the-line Speed Concept 9 Series is ideal for the serious competitor who is just looking to go as fast as possible. Featuring OCLV2 Carbon frames, which are lighter than those made from TCT carbon, and the Speed Concept 9.9 even has carbon wheels for that added extra performance boost. With the full range of features designed to improve your performance, everything on these bikes is intended to elevate your performance to the maximum level. Trek claim that these are the fastest bikes out there.

The Speed Concept 9 features the following models:

  • Speed Concept 9.5
  • Speed Concept 9.5 WSD (for women)
  • Speed Concept 9.8
  • Speed Concept 9.8 WSD (for women)
  • Speed Concept 9.9

All of the bikes in this series, and the other models, feature forks, wheels and saddles made by Bontrager, for the best possible comfort and performance.

As you can see, by using the latest in cutting edge design, the range of Trek Triathlon bikes can help you to improve your performance in the next triathlon, whatever your budget. Next time you are looking for a triathlon bike, why not check out the Trek range in your local bike dealer.

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