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Swimming Equipment

Participating in triathlons requires the right swimming equipment to have successful swims and transitions. Your essential swimming kit should be able to withstand the rigors of triathlon events and help you perform at your best. For beginners, choosing the right equipment can be mind boggling with all the available brands and types of swimming gear. So, choosing the correct equipment for your needs and wearing them correctly will contribute to your triathlon success.

Fundamental Items


When it comes to swimming equipment for the triathlon, there is a range of items that you must wear such as wet suits, caps, and goggles. Without these fundamental items, it's almost impossible to compete in the swim portion of the triathlon. So, how do you pick the best swimming gear specifically for the triathlon?

Here are some tips that can help you determine on what to get:

Men's Swimming Suit

When triathlons began, many men used beach shorts because they were cheaper and readily available. Back then, there were limited choices on what triathletes could get for their swimwear. It was either Speedo suits or beach shorts, so many got beach shorts if they were not able to find a Speedo. As a result, the men who used beach shorts were not very competitive and the loose flaps on the shorts caused them to slow down in the swim, which led them to have chafing issues, irritation, and blisters.

So, please find a real swimming suit if you want to be competitive and do well. These suits are aerodynamically designed for swimmers to reach their top speed without any hindrances. Women's Swimsuit

The same applies for women. It's better to get a one piece swimming suit that is aerodynamically designed for maximum speed and comfort instead of getting a sunbathing suit or two piece. You don't want your bathing suit to rip off during the heat of the swimming event. The triathlon one-piece suit is very comfortable and snug, and can be left on when slipping on another outfit for the bicycle portion of the event.

Don't be Swayed by Brand Names

People are often quick to buy the biggest brand name swimming equipment just because they are famous and well known among consumers. That can be a mistake. Just because it is the best brand, doesn't mean it is the right brand for you. When choosing an outfit, you must always choose by how your body feels wearing the suit. The wet suit must be snug, and not too tight. You will need to have free movement, and if it sticks uncomfortably then it's not right for you. Be wise and careful on what you choose as it can make a major difference between success and failure in the swim and transition portions of a triathlon.


When choosing between half and full length wet suits, the temperature of the water plays a major role in your decision. If the water is very cold, full length would be preferred over half length, which is better for warmer water. However, keep in mind that some triathlons do not allow wet suits so please check with the organizers or their website first before buying the wet suit.

There are two-piece wet suits available if you prefer, however they are very hard to put on and can waste valuable time when you are in a hurry during the transition period between events.

Other important items to consider are swimming caps, goggles, and earplugs.

  • There are all kinds of shapes and sizes of goggles available, so choose the right one that fits the snuggest and the most comfortable.

  • Swimming caps hold hair in place and prevents it from getting in your face, but not necessary if you have short hair. However, it's necessary for women and men with long hair. Some events do require caps and provide them for identification purposes.

  • Good earplugs are a great way to prevent from water getting in and causing swimmers ear.

  • Lastly, there are also several other options that you can utilize such as kick boards and weights that can add resistance to your workouts during training.

Choosing the right triathlon swimming equipment that best fits your needs goes a long way to prepare you successfully for upcoming triathlon events

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