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Sprint Triathlon Training Program

The quickest way to rise to the top in triathlon competitions is to put together a Sprint Triathlon Training Program. This will put you through the rigors of an event in a step by step process. The choices of training programs abound and range from 8 to 16 weeks. You can tailor those to meet your specific needs depending upon the time you have available before your next event.

Three Triathlon Events


The three events in triathlon are swimming, biking, and running. When developing your Sprint Triathlon Training Program it is wise to work on all three phases on a consistent basis.  If possible, have an experienced trainer help you develop your program by determining your current state of physical fitness and skill levels.

Suggested Schedule

Provided below is a suggested schedule you might wish to discuss with your trainer. This schedule is an 18 week training designed for an Intermediate participant in a 750 yd swim, 12-15 mi bike, and 3.1mi/5k run event.

Week 1

Day   Swimming Biking   Running
Day 1 1000 yds 30 min  
Day 2 1000 yds   20 min
Day 3   30 min  
Day 4 1000 yds   30 min
Day 5      
Day 6     30 min
Day 7   30 min  

Week 2

Day   Swimming Biking   Running
Day 8 1000 yds 45 min  
Day 9 1250 yds   20 min
Day 10   30 min  
Day11 1000 yds   30 min
Day 12      
Day 13     45 min
Day 14   45 min  

Week 3

Day   Swimming Biking   Running
Day 15 1000 yds 45 min  
Day 16 1250 yds   20 min
Day 17   45 min  
Day 18 1250 yds   35 min
Day 19      
Day 20-     40 min
Day 21   60 min  

Week 4 - Recovery

Day   Swimming Biking   Running
Day 22 1000 yds 30 mins  
Day 23 1000 yds   20 min
Day 24   30 mins  
Day 25 1000 yds   30 mins
Day 26      
Day 27     30 mins
Day 28   45 mins  

After the recovery week, continue with another four weeks at a 15% increase over the beginning times of the previous four weeks, and gradually increase by approximately 10% on swimming yardage and biking time. Always return to the beginning yardage and timing of that first week in that session.

Follow for Five Months

It is recommended for your sprint triathlon training program to follow this schedule for approximately five months to build up your times and endurance, however you can also adapt the program and be ready in eight to twelve weeks.

Recovery a Must

The recovery week is very important so don't leave that out believing you are escalating your training. You need that week to recover, stabilize, and be prepared for the next level of training.

This is only a suggested sprint triathlon training program and will give you an idea of the level of training you can expect to endure leading up to your competition. Through simple online searches for the subject, you'll find numerous other detailed plans. Make sure you search for beginner, intermediate, or advanced sprint training programs according to your level of experience.

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