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Powerbar Protein Plus

Many triathletes find Powerbar Protein Plus to be good source for building and repairing muscles while training for triathlons. Available in powder or bar form, it has a blend of three different proteins and provides muscles with essential amino acids, the building blocks of protein. The other factor that runners find appealing is that they also tastes delicious.

Benefits of Protein Plus


Powerbar Protein Plus was developed to provide triathletes and other highly active people with a source of protein necessary for building lean muscle mass. This is essential specifically during the strength-training portion of triathlon training regimens. Formulations of this product were developed to meet the specific high demands of triathletes, weightlifters, bike racers, and other athletes.

The product was developed using three different types of protein. These are caseins, whey, and soy, as these three protein types are digested at different rates, providing muscles with a sustained source of protein and nutrition.

Lean muscles take much of the brunt of both strength and endurance training. Stressed by intensive training, these become slightly frayed during the process. Protein is what is necessary to rebuild these muscles and give triathletes that extra muscle mass they need for the meet the demands of competing.

Optimum Use of Protein

Powerbar Protein Plus is best used after strength training while muscles are stressed. The recommendation is to use the powder between 30 and 60 minutes after a strenuous training session. It can also be used prior to training sessions, but for muscle recovery, it is best used after sessions. For the Powerbar protein bar, ingest one-half to one bar both before and after training.

Preparation of Protein Powder

Many athletes in training mix the powder with fruit juice. Some mix it with milk while others use it with other ingredients to make a smoothie-like concoctions. How it is prepared depends on the your purpose and preference.

The amount of protein powder used by triathletes varies by the individual and the desired results. Weight can also be a factor. Depending on if it is used for providing additional carbohydrates or as a way to assist in muscle recovery, the amount differs. For most individuals in strenuous workout sessions, 15 to 25 milligrams of protein is suggested.

Storing Protein Powder


Protein powder has a decent shelf life, but over time, it does lose some of its nutritional efficacy. Each container has a sell-by date by which the product should be used. If the powder is already mixed with some other ingredient, you should refrigerate any leftovers within one hour of being fixed.

Protein Supplement Cautions

Athletes with diabetes should take special precautions when using protein powders because of the carbohydrates contained in the powder. Diabetic athletes should consult their physician or a dietitian on how to best use protein powder.

Also, people with food allergies should pay particular attention to the ingredients of these protein bars and powder. They do contain nuts, milk and soy bi-products, and are produced in facilities where wheat is also processed. So consider these facts if you have allergies.

Triathletes expend tremendous amounts of energy while training and in competition. Powerbar Protein Plus, whether as a drink or a bar, is an excellent source to replenish depleted energy reservoirs and supply strained muscles with the nutrients they need to maintain peak performance.

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