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Mini Triathlon

Completing a mini triathlon, otherwise known as a super sprint triathlon, is a great thing to do when you are just starting out. It allows people who are new to the sport of triathlon to try it out and see if they find it enjoyable. There is no established required distance for a mini or super sprint triathlon, but they usually involve something close to 400 meters (or .25 miles) of swimming, 10 kilometers (or 6.2 miles) of cycling and 2.5 kilometers (or 1.5 miles) of running.


While a mini triathlon is not as difficult as a triathlon, there are still some significant challenges and extensive training is necessary. If you are in decent shape, you can probably train for a mini triathlon in just eight weeks with minimal risk of injury. Keep in mind that these races can be very physically taxing. Before starting your training, make sure to check with your doctor to determine if you are healthy enough to train for and complete a race.


There are many resources out there for tips on training for your first race. One tip is to practice swimming, biking and running a little bit farther than the race distance so that it seems easier on race day.

  • For the bike portion of the race, you should also make sure you have a good idea of what kind of terrain you will be riding. If the terrain is hilly, then you need to make sure to practice on hills or find another way to account for that in your training.

  • You should also practice switching from swimming to biking to running so that you can get used to it before the race. A bike ride and then a run are particularly difficult and require some practice. Practicing a bike ride, running and/or swimming immediately after one another is known as "brick training" and is essential.

  • While training for a race, you need to make sure to get enough rest so that you do not injure your muscles from overuse. You should schedule at least a day or two of rest every week so that you do not hurt yourself.            
  • Other important mini triathlon tips include making sure to warm up before any workouts as well as the race, and stretch regularly. This will help make sure that you do not get muscle cramps or hurt yourself.

  • You should also make sure to get plenty of fluids while training.

Equipment is also vital. You will need a road or mountain bike and helmet to complete the biking portion of the race. For the swim portion, all you need is a swimsuit and goggles. For the running part of the race, you will need good running shoes.

Another important thing you should do while training for a mini triathlon is to make sure that you swim in open water (with a partner for safety) as well as running and biking outside. This will help you adapt to changing outdoor terrain.

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