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Mens Triathlon Clothing

There is not a big difference between men's triathlon clothing and women's, but that does not mean that the subtle differences aren't important. You will have to take into account the fit and feel of your triathlon clothing.

Factors for Men

There are several factors that should be taken into consideration when purchasing triathlon clothing. Many of the considerations that work for both genders also work for obtaining mens triathlon clothes. The biggest place of differentiation for mens triathlon clothes is with shorts. You need to purchase triathlon shorts that are accommodating and work best for you.

Why Fit is Important

A good snug fit is critical. Bulges in clothing can collect and allow water to pocket during the swimming portion of the event. This pocketing can slow a racer down. On the other hand you don't want your clothes to be too tight, as that impede movement and restrict blood flow.

One-Piece Versus Two-Piece Outfits.


Most experienced competitors are advocates of multipurpose clothing. This type of mens triathlon clothing usually comes in the form of triathlon suits, designed as a singular suit that covers both the torso and lower portion of the body. Triathlon suits have fabric that works well across all triathlon events, wet or dry.

Not all racers advocate year round use of these one-piece triathlon suits, though. Some experienced competitors feel that two-piece suits are the best option for races held in the summer months because they allow the body to breath.

Triathlon Suits Versus Wetsuits

There is some debate between triathletes as what type of suit is best for competition. Most experienced competitors wear triathlon suits that can go from swimming straight to the other events. However, other competitors wear wetsuits over the trisuit for the swimming and remove the wetsuit for the other events. The downside of using a wetsuit is the time lost in the transition between events. Many triathletes think that this time loss could be the difference between winning and losing, however with practice you can get the wetsuit off in a manner of seconds.

The biggest advantage of wetsuits is the fact that they tend to keep racers warmer and more bouyant during the swimming portion of the event, especially during the cooler months. Wetsuits are designed to allow water to enter the suit. Once the water enters the suit, the body warms the water creating a natural warm layer of insulation against the cold water.

Specialty Clothing for Triathlons

Along with the traditional men's triathlon clothing such as triathlon suits and shorts, there are some specialty clothing items to be considered. Some of these items are must-haves for competitions.

Bicycle shoes are specific shoes for cycling that allow you to clip into the pedals.  These shoes enable you to be more efficiebt and powerful with cycling.

Some race and triathlon clothing designers produce arm coolers to help combat the heat of competition. These arm coolers are made of special fabric designed to keep the racer's arms cool. This special fabric reflects thermal radiation while also controlling moisture and sweating.

Another piece of wearable equipment that you might consider are swim socks. These are socks with a thick protective coating on the soles that prevent cuts and damage to the soles of your feet when entering or exiting the water in places that have rough terrain.

Things to Remember

Many people have competed in their first triathlons in swimsuits and tanktops, so don't let the fact that you don't have all the gear stop you.  Men's triathlon clothing needs to most importantly be comfortable, so when you find brands that fit well, stick with them.

Another factor to consider is price. Most people want to purchase the least expensive mens triathlon clothing. However, if you plan to compete for several years, you may want to invest in higher quality clothing that will take the punishment of years of training and competition

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