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Kestrel Bicycles

The four key components of a triathlon bike are filled by Kestrel bicycles. Triathlete champions around the world consider the following bicycling features when selecting the most competitive choice of equipment.

  • Seat Selection- Good bike fit begins with the saddle. Without comfort in the saddle, proper fit is never realized because the rider will continue to compensate in the other areas.

Several saddle styles to choose include:

  • TerryTRI Butterfly Saddle Profile Design Tri Stryke Saddle
  • Fizik Arion Tri2 Carbon
  • Selle Italia SLR T1 Triathlon
  • ISM Adamo Century Saddle
  • Selle SMP Series
  • Body Angles - placement of the seat in such a way that the body is placed in an aerodynamic position

  • Aggressive Geometry - Almost vertical tube angles

  • Leg Alignment - Custom cycling foot beds help align your body, while evenly distributing pressure and supporting your foot.

Kestrel bicycles are designed with all these factors considered within a series of computerized algorithms. The use of carbon fiber composites permits the formation of the aerodynamic tubing and lightweight designs, while maintaining superior strength.

Importance of Bike Fitting


A good bike fitter will place you in the most optimal triathlon riding position; preferably using a bike fit tool. The position in which you should be riding is one that is aerodynamic, efficient, powerful, comfortable, and safe. Unfortunately, most of us buy the bike first and force our bodies to fit the bike. Kestrel Bicycles has a proprietary method for designing their bikes, utilizing computer aided design. Each Kestrel design is engineered from scratch employing the most painstakingly accurate manufacturing methods in the industry,

The Kestrel triathlon bike series features no less than six standard models with multiple custom design features to provide the perfect bike fit for your body and style of competition. The models are as follows:

  • 4000 LTD

  • 4000 PRO SL - Shimano Ultegra

  • 4000 PRO SL - Sram Red

  • Airfoil PRO SL

  • Talon SL Tri

  • Talon Tri

Kestrel customizes your bike with their unique fit calculator by taking your inseam measurement or saddle height and your floor to shoulder measurement. There is an informative video at the Kestrel website detailing exactly how they calculate every tweak and adjustment through their computerized process to put you into the perfect fit.

The costs of a Kestrel bike can get pricey. While discounts are sometimes found, the numbers can run up to $6,000 and more. These precision instruments are designed for the most serious of triathlon competitors and are not the typical mass produced frame and hardware bicycle sets sold by most companies.

The decision to purchase as triathlon bike from Kestrel Bicycles is an investment in your competitive future.

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