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Ironman Triathlon Watch

An Ironman Triathlon Watch is one tool that can really help you when you are training for your big event. Not only will a good watch allow you to time your races to perfection, it will help you with your training too. The Ironman triathlon is an extremely challenging and difficult event to complete, and it makes sense to maximize any advantage you can gain by having the correct equipment.

Watch Features

There are certain features to look for in the ideal watch for Ironman Triathlon training.

  • To be of use, a watch should be able to survive for over an hour in the water for the swimming section

  • Operate as a stopwatch for the full duration of the event, which could be over 12 hours.

  • Ideally you would want a watch that is capable of storing at least 5 sets of split times; one for each section and the two transitions.

Shopping for an Ironman Triathlon Watch


First of all, you need to decide how serious you are and how much money you want to spend. You can get an ironman triathlon watch that would suffice for most of your training and races relatively cheaply, but with a bigger budget there are a number of additional features that you might find really useful.

Heart Rate Monitor

One of the most useful features, especially for training, is a heart rate monitor (hrm). These take the form of a belt that fits around your chest and measures you heart rate while you are exercising. Most of the newer watches will record this information and allow you to download to your computer to analyze later, as well as provide real-time information while you are working out.


Another fantastic feature available in newer watches is the ability to use global positioning system (gps) satellites to display live information on your current speed, location, and direction of travel. Not only can you download training route information to your watch, but with some of the higher-end watches, you can compare your performance with your previous attempts over the same route or against a virtual ideal partner. Once the training and race data is uploaded, you can then analyze the data including such variations as weather to monitor how your training is going.

Power Output Information

A more specialist extra that you might want to consider is a power-meter. This has an attachment that fastens to your bike, and again allows you to record power output information onto your watch.

Computer Download

Some watches have the ability to download all the information recorded in your watch from your training sessions. This allows you to monitor and analyze your performance to ensure that you are making the optimum use of your training time. Additionally, such analysis may highlight any underlying problems that might affect your performance, such as overtraining and minor ailments that can cause your resting heart rate to rise.

The best-known manufacturers of Ironman Triathlon Watches include Garmin, Timex, Polar and Suunto. It is a matter of your own personal opinion, comfort and budget as to which watch is the best watch for you. Just remember to look for a watch that has those features that will give you the edge in both training and performance.

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