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Free Triathlon Training Programs

Free triathlon training programs are good resources for both beginner and experienced triathletes. Many include detailed training schedules for preparing you for the different portions of a triathlon, while providing guidelines for strength training. These programs also provide plans and advice for different types of events including triathlons and Ironman competitions.

All of these programs have an end goal of producing the skills you need for completing a triathlon in a competitive fashion. Most of these programs put an overall emphasis on aerobic endurance, strength, and speed skills, and lay out a planned day-to-day schedule for several weeks.

Where to Find Triathlon Training Programs

Many free triathlon training programs are online and you can the one that suits you through an Internet search. Racers can also consult local groups to get advice on how to find training programs.

Training Programs for Running

Free triathlon training programs for running portions of triathlons include running schedules and training advice. Most training regimens tell you to intermix running with other types of training. A typical training program will include setting aside time for running three to four times per week and suggests that you increase the distance you run each day to increase endurance.

Training Programs for Swimming

Training for the swimming portion uses much the same strategy included in running plans. Most free training programs take a cross training approach intermixing the core training activities. Some plans suggest that competitors focus each week on the different core activities by stressing one core activity for that week. This type of plan might put an emphasis on swimming one week and running the next, but they almost never exclude one of the core activities for an entire week.

Training Programs for Biking

As with the other core activities, you can find plans that detail how you need to include biking in a comprehensive way. Each week during training, you should expand the distance you ride to increase stamina and strength.

Programs for Strength Training

Almost all training plans encourage racers to include strength training in their plan. Strength training can include different weight lifting strategies. One strategy is to lift lighter weights with a high number of repetitions as this builds endurance. Another strategy is to lift heavier weights with a small number of repetitions to build strength.

Integrated Programs

All training programs advocate an integrated approach to training. This entails balancing all aspects of triathlon training, placing specific emphasis on the preparing for the core events of running, swimming, and biking. Most also encourage you to include strength training as way for you to have the resources necessary for competing. All plans also encourage you to include days of rest in your schedule and stress that it is important that you allow muscles to recover from an intensive training schedule.

While free triathlon training programs are an excellent resource for racers, you should also consider consulting with experienced athletes before adopting any radical plans. This is of particular concern if you are a beginniner, as some aggressive plans may be too taxing for beginners and could result in injury or burn out.

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