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Discount Triathlon Gear

High quality triathlon equipment can be expensive, but discount triathlon gear is available if you want good triathlon equipment but do not want to spend a fortune. Finding discounts or sales on triathlon gear, such as exercise clothing, running shoes wetsuits, bikes, bike shoes, and other things will help you successfully compete in triathlons.

Discount Triathlon Bikes

Buying a bike is the usually the most expensive part of deciding to participate in a triathlon. It is also extremely important. The best way to get discount triathlon gear for the bike portion of the race is to buy a used triathlon bike.

Many more experienced triathlon participants frequently upgrade their bikes to improve their race times, usually putting their old bikes up for sale. This means that if you are willing to look around, you may be able to find a top quality bike at a very low price. These bikes have usually been well taken care of and maintained by the previous owner and are very enjoyable to ride.


It is a good idea to try out triathlon bikes at a local shop first to decide what you like and what you need in a bike. Those shops may even have used discount triathlon gear available for you to buy. If you cannot find used bikes available locally, there are quite a few available for purchase on the internet. You can also refurbish discount bikes you buy, if you decide that it is time for an upgrade.

Triathlon Shoes

Biking and running shoes for triathlons can be expensive, but getting high quality shoes is very important to both your health and your speed. When buying biking and running shoes for a triathlon, buying used is out of the question. These shoes are designed to be stiff and snug. This will protect and support your feet as well as helping to protect your feet from injuries. These shoes typically wear out and have to be replaced after approximately six months of use, so you need to buy them new.

However, there may be some discounts if you look around. If you are looking for discount triathlon shoes, the best thing to do is to go for a shoe fitting at a specialty triathlon store. There, they can help you decide what brand and size of shoe to buy. If the store's prices are too high, you can look online for discount vendors who sell the same shoes for much lower prices.

Triathlon Clothing

For triathlon clothes, you can look through the clearance racks at sports stores. You can also look online both for coupons and for online retailers that sell things at a much lower price than physical stores.

Another option for finding discount triathlon clothes is to look for used clothes and gear on craigslist and eBay.

All the equipment needed for triathlon competitions may seem too expensive, but if you are patient while looking for discount triathlon gear, you will be able to save a significant amount of money while still being able to buy high quality gear that allows you to be competitive in a race.

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