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Custom Triathlon Clothing

Most competitors in triathlons won't need custom triathlon clothing, but some racers might have special needs while others might want to make a stylish statement while they compete. There are also occasions where individuals or groups want a similar look and style in their triathlon activities. A number of different avenues are available for obtaining customized clothing.

Sizing Custom Triathlon Clothes

Probably the most important step in the process of obtaining custom triathlon clothing is to get the proper sizing for each piece of clothing. There are several companies producing custom clothing for triathlons and most offer sizing charts and templates for customers.


When taking measurements for custom training and triathlon event clothing, there are number key measurements that you need to take. The measurements for a jersey include:

  • Armpit to Armpit
  • Top of the collar to the bottom in both the front and the back
  • Around the chest
  • The tops of each arm
  • Sleeve length for long sleeved shirts

You'll also need to take measurements for the shorts portion the triathlon outfit. The measurements for shorts are:

  • Waist
  • Hip
  • Inseam

When measuring for the pants, take measurements in the following areas:

  • Waist
  • Hip
  • Inseam

You will also need to take into consideration the gender of the wearer, when taking measurements for all the pieces of triathlon clothing, and make sure that gender is very clear.

Selecting a Provider

Picking a provider of custom triathlon clothing is an important decision. In some larger cities, you might consider hiring a local tailor or seamstress. However, it's important to find out if they have experience with making clothing with the special fabrics used in the construction of most triathlon clothing. If no local crafts person is available with experience, then looking for a company specializing in providing custom clothing for triathlons is the most prudent way to go.

Take time to explore and learn more about the process of the company you select, and make sure you inquire about their fabrics and how they size their clothing. It's also important to know how they handle payments. Because of the cost of the fabric and the time involved, many companies that provide custom racing and triathlon clothing require a sizable down payment that can include up to half of the cost before starting.

Communicating with the Provider

It's vital keep a line of open communication with the clothing company. There are few things worse in the process of ordering custom clothing than to find a mistake late in the process. They say the devil is in the details. Ensuring that the clothing developer is aware of all the minute details is critical to avoid costly mistakes.

Fabric for Custom Triathlon Clothes

It's is good strategy to investigate all the benefits and disadvantages of the potential fabric that can be used in triathlon clothing. Several different types of fabrics are available. Some of the more sophisticated fabrics offer UV and antimicrobial protection. Selecting the right fabric is quite important. Getting expert advice from the clothing provider or experienced triathletes is always a good way to proceed.

Racing in Style

Beyond just the performance benefits of custom triathlon clothing, many racers want clothing that makes a statement. Most custom clothing designers will allow customers to select the distinctive colors they want. Some of the more advanced designers can even include custom designs and logos.

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