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Cheap Triathlon Bikes

You can pay as much as you are willing to spend, but buying cheap triathlon bikes doesn't have to mean that you're buying something that isn't up to the job. Here are some suggestions for ways that you can get your hands on that new bike without breaking the bank.

Used Bikes

Sometimes people who already own triathlon bikes decide to invest in a newer, lighter model, or due to injury or choice decide that they no longer wish to use their bikes. In both cases, they might decide to sell their old bikes to raise some cash or make room in the garage. This is where you can get lucky and pick up cheap triathlon bikes.


The best place to look for a bargain is the local free ads or online auction sites like e-Bay. Sometimes you might even find an ad at the local gym or sports center. If you are a member of a triathlon club you may even know someone who is thinking about selling their old bike. Another option is toW check the local bike shops for used cheap triathlon bikes. If somebody has traded in their old bike towards a shiny new one, then the shop may have one in stock that they want to sell. Generally, you can pick up these bargains at a fairly cheap price and the shop makes some room for new bikes.

Older Stock

On a regular basis the bike manufacturers produce new models for sale. When this happens, the shops might discount the older models. If you are lucky, you might be able to find a deal on new, unused cheap triathlon bikes. As long as you are not too upset that it's not the very latest model on the market, then chances are you can get a great deal.

Sales and Promotions

Sometimes manufacturers or retailers have promotions where the cost of the bike is reduced. Sometimes the manufacturer will add an incentive into the deal to try and persuade you to buy. The offer of a free service or bike computer might make that new bike a little more enticing yet still affordable.

Road Bikes

If you're just starting in a triathlon, then you may be better off not spending a small fortune on a new bike. Instead you may want to look for a road bike. This is especially true if you are new to the sport or plan on training rides with your friends. The design of a triathlon bike is different to a normal bike and less conducive to sociable riding. They can also be a lot cheaper to buy.

However, since they are not designed for triathlons, the extra energy exerted riding one might affect your performance on the big day. With that in mind, a road bike might be a good starting point for a beginning triathlete. They're also ideal for someone who does the occasional triathlon.

Bikes designed specifically for triathlons can be an expensive purchase and anything you can do to reduce that cost is a bonus. Now you have some ideas on how to buy the bike for you, you'll have no trouble shopping around for cheap triathlon bikes.

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